Jase Blankfort | Producer | 2018

Jase Blankfort is a multimedia artist, songwriter and music producer. As the songwriter, singer and performer for his primary outlet Glint, he has recorded and performed internationally. Blankfort credits mentors he has collaborated with, contributing to his evolving creative process, including Michael Brauer, Steve Osbourne, Mark Needham and Nic Hard. Glint received critical acclaim performing in over ten countries, independently, with an underground dedicated following. Recognized for his distinctive approach to the recording studio and record production with Glint, Blankfort was eventually approached by other artists to produce their records. Blankfort is from the Hudson Valley of New York, where in abandoned warehouses he setup his unconventional studio playground which became known as "The Factory". Shortly thereafter, this unique studio atmosphere became an attraction; Blankfort welcomed national acts including Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons and Dispatch to perform for a small audience. Blankfort produced and recorded these intimate performances which aired consistently on New York's Northeast local radio station, 107.1 The Peak. Now in Nashville, TN, Blankfort is fully engaged in production, collaboration and writing, and continues to develop the unique sound of Glint with Anders Fleming. Blankfort has recorded records in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Michigan, and England.

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