Josh Angehr | Producer | 2017

Josh Angehr is a New York based interdisciplinary designer, producer and musician whose recent work involves crafting dynamic tools that work at the intersection of audio and design. Josh has collaborated with creators in building interactive applications that visualize MIDI signals as dynamic digital illustrations, while integrating audio technologies to create frequency specific graphics in real time. His work aims to bridge the gap between musical creation and personal expression. Josh graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from SUNY New Paltz in 2014, and has since been working with web technologies that allow for the seamless integration of music and design, both on the web and in standalone applications. With nearly a decade of experience in both audio and design, the work he creates involves embracing the power of new technologies to create unique digital experiences. His work, music and writing has been included in various web publications including Fastco Design, The Great Discontent, The Huffington Post, Design Ignites Change, and BeType. He has also had the privilege of working with companies like Starbuck’s, Starcom, Samsung and Telefónica on various creative projects. He is the former senior designer at World of Mouth, and is now working on various creative collaborations with designers, artists and musicians, while enjoying photography and painting in his free time. 

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Selections below feature Angehr as producer, writer, mixing engineer and performer: